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Product no.: 6372

Oval with hand embossed convex blossom decor, an original from Germany (1900) ´


Art Nouveau aficionados will be enchanted by this piece of jewellery due to its beauty and originality. Purchasing this piece you will get a beautiful, large silver locket with original Art Nouveau style design. The true-to-life crafted lily of the valley stalks and leaves are kept together by a slender ribbon. The small, bell shaped blossoms emerge three-dimensionally and bestow this masterly piece of craftsmanship with an enchanting expression.

A really splendid Art Nouveau piece of jewellery with the spring flowers which are typical for this style. It can be slid open at the side and contains a facetted mirror with a diamond knurl rim.

Now you can purchase this Art Nouveau locket which is in demand among collectors and originates from my personal collection.

size: 47 x 33 mm

silver necklace: 60 cm

origin: Germany

age: 1900

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Product no.: 8736

magnificent flower bouquet with three blossoms and leaves


This extraordinary, large brooch designed as a flower bouquet is adorned by beautifully crafted blossoms and leaves. The marvellous design gains its brilliance being set with a large number of paste gems which underline the radiance of this enchanting piece of jewellery. This extraordinarily decorative and wearable collector’s piece with safety pin is an enormously attractive adornment. Pieces of jewellery like the present one were ordered by customers to get a first impression of the design. Later they were crafted in gold and set with diamonds.

The latter, however, was usually kept in the safe, while the other piece was worn.

size: 80 x 40 mm

origin: England

age: 1880

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