Attractive Art Deco Bakelite Bangle

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origin: Germany

age: 1920

width: 6,5 cm

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This especially decorative bangle reflecting the Art Deco design of the 1920s demonstrates typical elements of this era due to the use of a material which started its rise during this epoch: Bakelite.

The so-called material for a thousand uses, which was invented at the beginning of the 20th century, came to be used in almost any branch of industrial production during the 1920s. Due to the abundance of possibilities in application as well as the large number of opportunities in the field of design, this material was also used in jewellery production.

Since then, the name Bakelite is inseparably linked with Art Deco design.

This piece of jewellery reflects various traits of Art Deco design: The slender links shaped as a semi-circle are arranged alternately in the classical combination of the colours black and red.

They have been newly threaded on durable elastic band. Like this, this original piece of jewellery dating back to the Roaring Twenties can be considered a special and well-preserved piece of jewellery due to its attractive size, shape and colours.

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Product B2

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