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Product no.: 8407

This extraordinary piece of jewellery is especially striking due to its timeless elegance, while the state of preservation is very rare. The rectangle case contains a chamois clock face. Due to the black hands which set themselves well apart from background, the watch is easily readable. The length of the mash watch strap crafted in 9 carat yellow gold is adjustable. It is completed by a pretty clasp and is in mint condition. The movement has been affectionately and professionally restored by our experienced watchmaker.

We will provide a certificate for this antique wrist watch.

size case: 24 x 11 mm, band width: 8 mm

origin: Birmingham, England

age: 1931

shop price: 1950,-- €

internet price: 950,-- €

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Product no.: 8534

We offer a large variety of antique expandable watch straps for your ladies’ wristwatches in gold and gold-plated as well as satin ribbons in mint condition with engraved delicate clasps in various sizes and colours.

Please contact us to get more information and consulting.

We offer a large variety of different wristbands which will surely match your watch.

Product no.: 8505

This decorative and slender watchband is crafted flexibly with eight round links at each side of the clasp. The ring shaped links are supplied with rills. The clasp shows the Rolex crown on its upper side, on the back it shows the hallmarks of Rolex and a 9 carat 375 gold hallmark.

The very well preserved and approximately 60-year-old piece will adorn your watch and can soon grace your wrist. Should you like to see or try on this or any other piece from our collection, we can make an appointment with you in Düsseldorf.


length: 133 mm

width: 8 mm

origin: England

age: 1940 – 1950

shop price: 1,350.-- €

Internet price: 490.-- €

Productno.: 8505

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Product no.: 6379

Unique antique travel pocket watch in browned iron, Swiss make before 1900

former price Euro 1,850.- NOW 1,450.-


This remarkable piece has been part of my private collection for 30 years and can now be purchased. It is an exceptionally decorative pocket watch. It can decorate your personal desktop and take you back to the good old times of our grandfathers every time you look at it. The quadrangle case has rounded corners and is made of dark iron – a very rare and attractive material that is cherished by collectors and it underlines the exceptionally attractive white enamel face. The Arabic numbers in shining enamelled cartouches are surrounded by golden minute dots. The inner circle consisting of 10 golden stars and original Louis XV hands complete the perfect appearance of the face. At the position of the number 6 there is a separate small dial of seconds. The back case can be opened and can be used as a support for the watch to stand. The quality full anchor movement has 15 rubies and a Brequet mechanism. Both underlines the quality of the clock work.

Worth pointing out are the anchor and anchor wheel since they are made of brass which is especially rare. The unique travel pocket watch has a winder at the top and a button to move the hands which is typical for the time the watch was made. It is located at the number 11. The movement has been completely restored by our professional and experienced watchmaker – as have all watches of our collection.

This watch is an especially fascinating piece. It will most certainly make its new owner feel proud as it did for many years being mine as an eye-catcher in the collector’s cabinet. However, it could also be worn by a gentleman with high demands of quality and a great love for the extraordinary.

We will provide a certificate with this collector’s item.

size: 45 x 45 mm

origin: Switzerland

age: 1880- 1900

1,450.00 *

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Product no.: 8814

Elegant Antique Ladies’ Wristwatch with Bracelet in 9 Carat Gold

case with original hallmarks

former price Euro 1,250.- NOW Euro 945.-


This extraordinarily attractive wrist watch for ladies has a Swiss quality movement that has been crafted for the English market. The watch inspires due to the exceptional, curved form of its case with a narrow and finely engraved lunette and an engraved case rim. With its fine chamoise coloured watch face with Arabic figures arranged in a circle and its original hands , it is clear and especially well to read. A perfectly preserved, expandable golden watch strap is attached to the case via small hinges. By adding a clasp, the length can be elongated by approx. 2 cm if necessary. This beautiful and rare wristwatch has been completely restored by our experienced, traditional watchmaker who has specialised in antique watches for over 35 years.

size: case 23 x 21 mm

width watch band: 5 mm

length: 16 cm

origin: Glasgow, Scotland

age: 1926

945.00 *

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Product no.: 8798

Turn of the century pocket watch from Switzerland


This unique pocket watch for ladies has a very fine and slightly tinted enamel clock face with delicate Roman figures. The ornament in gold and silver which is arranged in a full circle is especially attractive. The rosette shaped lunette which adorns the front beautifully completes this unique and appealing collector’s piece. The domed case has a truly wonderful engraving in the shape of a fan. The watch has a winder with an additional button to move the hands. The latter is located at the number „1“. This wonderful collector’s item has been restored with loving care by our experienced watchmaker as has been any other watch of my collection. He has been a specialist in restoring antique watches for more than 35 years of his professional life.

This item comes with a certificate.

size: case 36 mm

diameter glass: 24 mm, inner figures: 14 mm

origin: Switzerland

age: 1900

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Product no.: 8801

work signed: MOTTU GENEVE, case hallmarked: M&B Nr. 30564

former price Euro 1,690.- NOW Euro 1,250.-


This especially exquisite piece will win you over due to its skilfully engraved case and the true-to-life depiction of blossoms and flowers – a masterly piece of craftsmanship. The clear enamel face with Roman figures has the small signature MOTTU GENEVE at the number 6. The key winder can be found inside. The hands are moved by a special button. The watch is signed with the following engraving: T. Lawson & Son, Brighton, probably referring to the jeweller who sold the piece. The extremely minimal height of 6.5 mm proves the superb quality of this item; the diameter is 38 mm. Towards the rim of the dial the enamel is slightly damaged.

This enchanting piece of jewellery originates from a collection that I purchased many years ago .It now can become a part of your own collection.

This little treasure has been restored by my experienced watchmaker, who has been a specialist in restoring antique watches for more than 35 years. You will receive a certificate for this beautiful collector’s item.

size: case 6.5 mm

diameter: 38 mm

origin: Switzerland

age: 1870

1,250.00 *

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Product no.: 8803
1,850.00 *

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Product no.: 6311

This historical piece is 176 years old and in very good condition. The golden hands can be set by the original antique key put into the middle of the dial. The fine movement has a pointed tooth escapement and is of exquisite quality. It is highlighted by a beautiful balance cock and signed ALFRED LEU ABERDARE:

The case shows the original hallmarks of the year 1835 and Chester. The crystal is the original one and like the case and the face in incredibly good condition considering the age of this wonderful collector’s item.

The watch has been restored by our qualified and experienced watch maker.

We will provide a certificate for this item.


Material: Sterling silver

Size diameter: 51,5 mm

Face diameter: 44 mm

Volume: 19 mm

Age 1835

Origin: Chester England

Former price 1.350,-- €

Internet price 850,-- €

850.00 *

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Product no.: 6392

From England, approx. 1910

Former price Euro 1,450.- NOW EUR 835.-


This very attractive, antique wrist watch for ladies with a round case and convex lunette is a very special piece of jewellery. A white enamel face with Roman figures is very attractive.

The red number 12 – a characteristic which is common for the fashion of the turn of the century – contributes to its incomparable charm. The extendable, golden bracelet has a clasp that has been set between the links. The backside of the case presents a beautiful, engraved monogram. The watchstrap and the movement have been restored by our skilled watchmaker, providing this one hundred year old watch with new perfect looks. Therefore, it will be a perfect addition to your personal jewellery collection and an eye-catcher for you to wear.

We will provide a certificate with this item.

origin: England

age: approx. 1910

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Product no.: 8794

Original hallmarked case, Birmingham 1893


This especially well preserved silver ladies’ pocket watch convinces of its beauty due to the fairytale-like, stunning white enamel clock face with fine Roman figures. These are enchantingly framed by a fine pastel-coloured garland of blossoms including golden ivy leaves.

The extraordinarily beautiful case has been abundantly hand-engraved.

The pocket watch has a fully restored movement with 10 rubies and a pretty antique key.

The hands can be moved with the help of a button.

This watch is a very beautiful piece of its kind. It is in fact one of the most beautiful items in my personal watch collection. It could be considered a wonderful contribution to your jewellery collection as well as a wearable eye-catcher.

This collector’s item has been restored with loving care by our experienced watchmaker, who has specialised in restoring antique watches for more than 35 years.

diameter: 35 mm

origin: Birmingham, England

age: 1893

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Product no.: 8795

This very beautiful ladies´ watch has a pretty hand painted face showing four roses on email.

The case is abundantly engraved. It can be worn as a lovely piece of jewellery, since the movement is not in working condition.

Material: fine silver

Size: 40 mm diameter

Age 1880

Origin: England

Price 95, -- €

95.00 *

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Product no.: 8831

This wristwatch is a beauty and a rare piece of jewellery as well. The case is designed with perfection. The back-cover contains the hallmarks 1915 and Glasgow. The extendable golden bracelet is appealing. This watch is in very good condition.

The face is truly extraordinary since it is plated with a fine layer of mother-of pearl. It shows blue Arabic numerals. The case has a very attractive domed rim. The movement has been replaced in the good old days by a quality movement with 17 gem stones. Like all watches of my collection this watch has been restored with loving care and professional precision by my skilled master watch maker, who has been a specialist in restoring antique watches for more than 35 years.

We provide a certificate with this item

Size case: 25 mm diameter

Face: 17 mm

Bracelet: 5 mm

Width of bracelet 18 cm

Age Original hallmark 1915

Origin Glasgow

Price 1.250,-- €

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Product no.: 8815
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Product no.: 6381

This extraordinary watch was made almost 200 years ago as a “one of its kind” item. The case is made of strong metal and all parts are original, even the highly domed crystal and the dust cover, which is made of crystal as well. This makes this collector´s item a truly unique and highly desirable one. The movement shows a registration number and is dated and signed:

Registration Number: 6.10.1815, Nr.134, CLERC FLEURIER

This watch has a very complicated, highly interesting mechanism. Should you be interested please contact us.

The watch has a certificate in German.

Size case: 55 mm diameter

Face: 49 mm diameter

Volume: 19 mm

Age 1815

Origin: Switzerland

Price on request

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