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Product no.: 8526

The attractiveness of this necklace is not only determined by its appealing shape but also by the levity of the extraordinary material this necklace is crafted in, Whitby Jet. This results in a great wearing comfort. Whitby Jet became popular in Europe during the 19th century after Queen Victoria had made it part of her widow’s attire and had the whole court wear this mourning jewellery. This fashion soon made its way to the continent being worn at most of the courts all over Europe.

Purchasing this piece of jewellery, you will become the owner of an original from the 19th century consisting of navette shaped elements displaying a lovely opaque brilliance. The single links of this necklace become smaller towards the clasp. An appealing and prettily decorated quadrangle clasp completes this extraordinary piece of jewellery. The necklace has been arranged in a crescent-shape, it perfectly adapts to the shape of the neck.

Like all pieces of jewellery on offer, this antique necklace has been carefully restored by our skilled and experienced goldsmith. Would you like to purchase this piece of jewellery and witness the beauty of this necklace with your own eyes? – We will be happy to make an appointment with you in Düsseldorf.

For this piece of jewellery you will be provided with a certificate.


length: 38 cm

width: 29 - 34 mm

origin: England

age: 1860 - 1880

shop price: 1,350.-- €

Internet price: 850.-- €

Productno.: 8526

850.00 *

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Product no.: 8456

This especially attractive French Jet pendant is made of Bohemian glass. It has a concave red centre and is mounted on metal. Therefore, the pendant is an especially remarkable piece of jewellery of this time. French Jet is the French equivalent to English Jet jewellery, whose popularity on the British Isles was determined by Queen Victoria’s life long mourning after the early death of her beloved husband Prince Albert.

This mourning jewellery does not only represent the sentimentality of the late 19th century, because of its highly decorative value, it is still popular today. Especially today – 160 years after its development – this type of jewellery is frequently copied. Purchasing this piece of jewellery, you will be able to receive an original piece for your own collection. The pendant adorns an onyx necklace whose end cups and spring ring are made of 14 carat yellow gold.

As an ensemble these two pieces of jewellery are a particular eye-catcher of extraordinary attractiveness.


size pendant: 90 x 55 mm

length of necklace: 42 cm

origin: Bohemia

age: approx. 1890

shop price: 750,-- €

internet price 480,-- €

product no.: 8456

480.00 *

In stock

Product no.: 8457

This especially attractive pendant made of borkwood represents the Victorian era of 19th century England. Like Jet jewellery, borkwood was worn as mourning jewellery which does not only reflect the sentimentality of this epoch but also Queen Victoria’s mourning for her beloved husband Prince Albert. It was the Queen herself who with her widow’s attire created a fashion trend and even today this black, opaque material has not lost its unusual attraction.

The drop shaped pendant is adorned by a mounted grape and leaves.

The handcrafted and blackened silver ring is attached to a long, lacklustre polished onyx necklace with a silver latch. – An extremely decorative piece of jewellery of outstandingly fine beauty.


size pendant: 45 x 30 mm

length necklace: 70 cm; width of the pearls: 1.2 mm

origin: England

age: 1860-80

shop price: 465,-- €

internet price: 345,-- €

product no.: 8452

345.00 *

In stock

Product no.: 8452

This pretty cross made of Whitby Jet reflects the Victorian Age like no other. Queen Victoria’s life long mourning for her beloved husband Prince Albert led to the popularity of this material in England which looks especially exquisite due to its black brilliance.

Even today this light weighed material is very popular due to being well wearable and incorporating an extraordinary magic. The centre part of this cross is high lustre polished giving this piece of jewellery with a three dimensional look. It shows minor traces of having been worn. Our restorer provided this wonderful piece with a loop in 14 carat yellow gold, which allowed attaching this decorative pendant to a long onyx necklace with end cups and spring ring in 14 carat yellow gold.


size cross: approx. 65 x 35 mm

length of necklace: 76 cm, width: 12 mm

origin: England

age: 1860 – 1880

shop price: 680,-- €

internet price 450,-- €

product no.: 8452

450.00 *

In stock

Product no.: 8453

The material of this bracelet represents the Victorian Age of 19th century England like no other. Jet jewellery became popular after Queen Victoria had lost her beloved husband Prince Albert in 1861. From this point onwards she went into life long mourning wearing this black jewellery with her black robes. She determined that the whole court had to wear nothing but mourning jewellery.

Like this, Jet jewellery became fashionable at other European courts, too, and remained popular until the turn of the century. During this period, this type of jewellery was often copied. Yet, not only the contemporaries did so, it was a common practise in the aftermath as well.

The French used black glass to create this type of jewellery which became known as French Jet.

Purchasing this decorative bracelet you will receive a very well preserved original, consisting of 13 concavely cut links which are each adjourned by two small Jet beads. The original bracelet has been newly threaded on elastic strap. Due to the light weight of the material, this bracelet is especially well wearable being at the same time highly decorative due to the exceptional brilliance of this opaque substance.

A true collector’s item.


size: width of the links: 46 x 9 mm

origin: England

age: 1860 - 1880

shop price: 975,-- €

internet price: 495,-- €

495.00 *

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Product no.: 8455

Brooches like this very rare and solidly crafted piece of jewellery made of Whitby jet were worn as mourning jewellery in 19th century England. This fashion trend was inspired by Queen Victoria’s life long mourning for her beloved husband Prince Albert. The sentimentality of this epoch made this opaquely brilliant jewellery an especially popular accessory and even today this unusual material has not lost its attraction and splendour. The brilliant expression of this brooch is underlined by the facetted centre piece.

The brooch mechanism has been replaced. Despite its attractive size of 60 mm the brooch is well wearable due to the light weight of this extraordinary material.

We will provide a certificate for this collector’s item.


size: 60 mm

origin: England

age: 1860

shop price: 980,-- €

internet price: 475,-- €

product no.: 8455

475.00 *

In stock

Product no.: 8454

This rare and well preserved collector’s piece originates from Victorian England reflecting the radiance of the British Empire in its opaque brilliance. Considering its age – about 150 years – it is well preserved. The light weighed and polished material is well preserved, without a blemish and is especially comfortable to wear. The 15 domed cut links are conical at the top and at the bottom and have been newly threaded. They surround an oval and concave centre piece with a floral appearance.

We will provide a certificate for this item.


size: centre piece 4 x 2.5 cm, links: 3.7 x 0.8 and 0.6 cm

origin: England

age: approx. 1860

shop price: 1450,-- €

internet price: 650,-- €

product no.: 8454

650.00 *

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Product no.: 8527 B 29

origin: England

age: approx. 1880

Ehemaliger Preis EUR 680,- JETZT EUR 350,-


length: 36 cm

This exclusively radiating black material – Whitby Jet – is still convincing due to its elegant brilliance. Jet jewellery became popular during the reign of Queen Victoria in the 1860s, when the Queen made Jet jewellery part of her widow’s attire after the early death of her beloved husband Prince Albert.

Now, you can purchase an original piece of the time, which is not only popular due to its exclusive looks, but also due to a high comfort of wearing since it is surprisingly light weighed.

The opaque and warm brilliance of this piece of jewellery is determined by its facet cut and polished slender links.

With 43 links in total the necklace has a length of 36 cm including the gold-plated latch. The width of the links ranges from 28 to 33 mm, while it is still light despite this attractive large size.

This Whitby Jet necklace has been professionally restored like all other pieces on offer. If you want to try it on and get a better impression of it, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to make an appointment in Düsseldorf.

For this piece of jewellery, you will be provided with a certificate.

Product 8527 B29

350.00 *

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Product no.: 8463 B 28

origin: France

age: approx. 1880

Former Price EUR 650,- NOW EUR 375,-


size: 65 x 56 mm

This very decorative brooch is made of French Jet – the French equivalent to English Whitby Jet jewellery which became popular when Queen Victoria made her court wear this mourning jewellery after the death of her beloved husband Prince Albert. At other European courts this jewellery became popular as well, while the French version was crafted in black glass rather than fossil wood.

The fascination of this piece of jewellery is determined by the opaque brilliance of the black glass. The elaborate blossoms are set on two levels. Due to this arrangement, there is a reflection of light in between the immersed furrows causing a mysterious brilliance.

Like this, this more than 130-year-old original from France reflects the glamour of past centuries.

Like all other pieces of jewellery offered, this antique brooch has been professionally restored and is in very good condition.

Would you like to try on this special piece of jewellery and get a better impression of its outstanding design? – Call us and we can make an appointment in Düsseldorf.

For this piece of jewellery you will be provided with a certificate.

Product 8463 B 28

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Product no.: 8532 B3

origin: England

age: approx. 1900

Shop price EUR 275,- NOW EUR 195,-


length: 80 cm

width blossom: 9,5 cm

The charme of the turn of the century, an exciting era reflecting cultural changes, is embodied by this extraordinarily attractive piece of jewellery. The blossom which is abundantly set with a large number of black facetted glass beads is a great eye-catcher that is completed by a delicate, double-stranded necklace consisting of small and larger beads. In addition to that two appealingly long tassels underline the style that is typical for turn of the century design and contribute to the attractiveness of this amazing piece of jewellery.

Like all of our pieces, this necklace has been affectionately and professionally restored.

If you want to try on this piece or get a real-life impression of the extraordinary appeal of this piece of jewellery, don’t hesitate contacting us.

Product 8532 B3

195.00 *

In stock

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